If you’ve ever been to a festival, you know what it’s like – the large stages, the thousands of people, security, entry and exit, and everything else that goes into making a successful event. But how long do you think those events have been under work? How many hours of planning and logistics do you think have gone into creating a one-night only event? Your first instinct is somewhere around the range of “a lot,” but it’s likely even more than that.

Beatswitch, the #1 software provider for the live entertainment industry, wants to show you just what goes into planning your favorite events. Focusing first on ALDA Events and Amsterdam Music Festival, Beatswitch follows the artist handlers as she prepares for one of their biggest events of the year.

Founded in 2013, BeatSwitch is a platform that connects festival organizers and booking agencies to empower the artist. Trusted by more than 3000 artists, 280 agencies and over 30 festivals globally, its platform offers a one-stop shop platform to plan, collaborate and work more efficiently in the festival environment. Serving event promoters, artist managers and accreditation managers alike, their one stop-shop for festival management and analytics has already been championed and implemented globally by ALDA Events, Australia’s FUTURE Music and DGTL Festival in Holland. The company has become a go-to within the global festival, as well as leading the discussion on emerging trends and innovative festival management through their thought provoking editorial output.