For sixteen years, a hidden gem of a festival has been steadily brewing in the Pacific Northwest’s backyard. Tucked underneath the Cascade Mountains, amidst a sea of green firs and a bubbling river,  Summer Meltdown will return to Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater next week to thump its way through the weekend. Although now dubbed the largest locally produced independent festival the PNW has to offer, the fest provides a deliciously intimate supply of top-tier music, art, camping and nature.amphitheaterFeaturing artists such as Griz, Gramatik, STS9, Beats Antique, Blue Scholars and many more, this might be one of the best lineups the festival has booked yet. With such an impressively stacked roster, it is a wonder how Summer Meltdown has retained its local grassroots charm.

But the huge lineup isn’t the only thing to marvel at.ropeswingbetterEquipped with the Pacific Northwest as their playground, Summer Meltdown has an endless supply of adventures for when attendees need a break from the music. Throughout the weekend you can divulge into wilderness escapades, a multitude of learning workshops, interactive art and swimming. Activities like guided river rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding and hiking let you explore nature unlike you ever have at a festival.campingBrimming with constant entertainment, Summer Meltdown will resemble a summer camp from your dreams. If you haven’t already swooped your Summer Meltdown tickets, do so now before they sell out!

We’ll see you where “the music meets the mountain” next weekend!