As fun as live music events can be, they require effective organization and adherence to laws and regulations. Without proper protocols, police and authorities have the right to shut down an event. Such the case occurred this past weekend in Detroit when local police shut down a bass event called MELTDOWN.

A video capturing the shut down shows two Detroit police telling the performing artist, Virtual Riot, to leave the stage and shutting down the event. The video depicts one of the cops briefly unholstering his sidearm, but the cop puts it away shortly after. The video description claims the cops originally asked for the music to be shut down for a few minutes, and then the cops told organizers the bar had to be closed but the music could still continue. But, for an unknown reason, the cops decided to shut down the event altogether. It remains unclear why officers forced the event to shut down, but this video hints at a legitimate conflict between officers and event organizers.

Held twice a year, MELTDOWN brings a variety of bass musicians to Detroit. This event was the sixth installment and was held at the Russell Industrial Center.

Watch the video below: