Afrojack still seems to be experimenting a bit, ditching his bouncing Dutch house roots in favor of a somewhat pop-y, future-bass sound…and it’s working out really well. He just dropped a collaboration with one of the bigger artists in the rap scene right now, Ty Dolla $ign, and it again features a pretty awesome yet simple future bass beat under Ty’s rap/singing.

Dubbed “Gone”, this track relies on Ty’s vocals to drive the track forward. His sing-song-y voice provides the perfect melodies and hooks for Afrojack’s future bass-ish production, working together to create a surprisingly catchy summer tune. In Afrojack’s own words:

I’ve been keeping up with Ty for a while and have wanted to work with him since his last record dropped. I love pushing boundaries and Ty brings a unique style to the game. It was time for something new— collaborating with him did just that.

Ty Dolla $ign has been known to collaborate with artists from all over the electronic music. He teamed up with Adidas, and Australia’s HWLS for a track in the Songs From Scratch Series, showing just how in touch he is with the underground. This newest track with Afrojack shows that Ty is capable of handling the poppier sounds of a superstar EDM DJ, opening up a whole new world for him. And with a track with HARD honcho Destructo, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ty started popping up in more and more large scale EDM festivals and tracks.

Be sure to listen to “Gone” below! (I apologize in advance for the Pitbull song that comes on after “Gone” finishes)