Ahead of Splash House this weekend, we’ve asked Rob and Nick of duo Lost Kings to let us in on a few of the tracks they’re vibing with right now. While Splash House dabbles in all genres, its propensity for chill and house is notable since you’re going to be partying at near a pool for an entire weekend.

Even still, Nick and Rob managed to throw in all sorts of goodies including pump up jams, ear worms and tracks they just love to play out.

Check out all ten tracks below to get pumped for this weekend! Get more info on Splash House here.

Rob’s 5

Joe Mason is only 17 and he absolutely crushed this remix…so money.

I know this song is a year old, but I just heard it not too long ago and its insane…The feels on this one are on point.

This guy is a mystery, I don’t know who he is but hes insane…Love his voice, the production, everything. So dope.

My pump up song…you can’t listen to this and not feel good and ready.

Love these dudes, they smashed this remix.

Nick’s 5

Obsessed with this at the moment.

My turn up song.. Plus Roy sounds like Michael a little.

I love everything this dude does right now.. Really want to do a song with him.

Jam this at least once a day still.

Heard this for the first time in a Jai Wolf video and haven’t stopped listening since.