Athlete and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps once again confirmed his position as King at these Rio Olympics, picking up five more golds and a silver for a total of 28 medals, 23 of them gold.

How does he amp himself up before these events, you might be wondering? By listening to music, of course.

Olympic athletes are often sponsored by brands like Beats to wear their products during the games, much like any other professional athlete. They aren’t just for show, though, since the athletes are obviously listening to music while they warm up. For Phelps, his tastes can be pretty diverse.

The music that I’ve been listening to this time around…I’ve got some old school hits. I’ve been going out to some old-school Eminem when I get to the pool, and then I change it up to… Nero and Skrillex “Promises”…EDM. Got some old-school [Steve] Aoki in the mix from 2008…”

So things to keep in mind: if you listen to EDM and smoke weed, you could still become the most decorated Olympian of all time. (Disclaimer: correlation does not equal causation, but who cares.)

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