A recent interview conducted by In The Mix during Flume‘s headlining spot at Australia’s Splendour In The Grass festival saw the ARIA-certified producer reveal brand new information behind his third official studio album.

Flume said that, for the time being, he’s finished with producing the larger than life, powerful sounds of Skin. For the next album, he said, he’d like to focus more on sample-based material. Whether this spells a more familiar return to his hip hop-oriented roots or not, we can’t say.

“Now that I’ve put Skin out, I’m like… awesome! I’ve done my big, grandiose, clean record, with lots of big sawtooth sounds. Now I’m kind of bored of it, and I want to do lots of more sample-based stuff, like actual world sounds. So, like, maybe a vocal that’s been recorded and make it into a chord.”

For his next studio album, he said, he wants to experiment with more lo-fi and interesting sounds. The contrast between the feel and sonic identity of his previous album is exactly what he said he wants to play with as he moves forward.

“I kinda want to go a little more lo-fi, I guess. But that’s how it works – you get excited about one thing, then you go to the opposite for a bit. . . I mean, a fucking Skrillex bassline – 30 years ago, that shit wasn’t around, it didn’t exist. Like, what the hell! We have these tools, and if I can mess around, create crazy sounds and get excited about that, that’s the inspiration for a song.”

Rather than continue with his recent obsession of vocal collaborations, Flume said that he wants to break his own hesitation and begin work with other producers. Ever since his departure from What So Not and work with Emoh Instead, Flume’s list of regular production collaborations has been stunted. Now, he said, he’s looking to change up his approach.

“I kinda feel like I’ve done a lot of vocal collaborations, and right now I’m excited about collaborating with other producers.”

As far as inspiration goes, Flume said that he enjoys a less traditional setting than simply barricading himself in a studio. For the next album, he said that he wants to rent a van and go surfing at national parks by himself to gather the proper mindset.

“And then I’m gonna go to national parks, take my surfboard, by myself, and just go surfing and … write another album in that. That’s the plan.”


Source: In The Mix | Image: Bianca Holderness/SITG