Since yesterday’s news that Daft Punk was in the studio with The Weeknd, Daft Punk hype has been in the highest gear. Today OVERWERK released a tribute to Daft Punk entitled “Anthology,” referring to “a¬†published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.” In this case, their discography.

The tracklist used in the piece isn’t listed, but any Daft Punk fan won’t find it hard to pick out each individual track used. The tribute is still dark and gritty as per OVERWERK’s usual style, which we’ve basically always loved.

Now, some might say that this release, coming on the heels of yesterday’s news, is just a coincidence. However we’ve come to be more skeptical of things when Daft Punk is involved. So here’s what we know: OVERWERK is a popular dance music¬†artist who one could say is at least inspired by the Daft Punk sound. News broke yesterday of Daft Punk’s first new collaboration in years. The next day, said Grammy-winning producer releases a sample-heavy tribute to Daft Punk which would likely need to be cleared by their label/team. Starting to sound like more than a coincidence, isn’t it?

While we can’t confirm anything about Daft Punk’s highly anticipated return, we’ll surely be keeping our ear to the ground in the coming months for more hints that dance music’s most legendary duo could be coming back.

Check it out below.