TJH87 is back once again, continuing their dive into the nostalgia of 80s synth wave with “Wait For Us.” A majestic follow up to “New Horizons,” this latest single is a bursting array of sound design that screams of emotion.

The vocal chops are a delightful complement to the tune’s steppy percussion, and the electro synth work beautifully describes the otherworldly scene painted through the piece. It’s clear the duo has taken a stance against the modern “paint by numbers” tracks gracing the charts, and they’ve got a lot to say about ditching the template so often used in electronic dance music.

“We have an understanding of the boundaries of that type of construction and we wanted to try to avoid falling into the same trap, and in doing so hope we have created something more expressive and expansive.”

Have a listen to “Wait For Us” below, and grab it for yourself now via iTunes.