After months of waiting, the newest collaboration between Grey & Zedd is finally here! For the duo that has grown so close to the newly knighted pop star, this collaboration marks their third time working together, though only the second with both their names on the track (not on Soundcloud, but we’ll get to that in a second).

“Adrenaline” uses Zedd’s incredible gift of crafting a melodic intro and Grey’s new-age drop sensibilities to create this massive breaks/electro house hybrid that is intent on destroying every dance floor around. Unfortunately, the track is incredibly short, only lasting one drop. There’s no rule that says it has to be any longer, but one drop still seems like a bit of a letdown.

Now onto the reason why Grey’s name isn’t on Soundcloud… Zedd writes:

Unfortunately I’m sign to a label that has a complicated contract with Soundcloud which makes it impossible for me to actually name this song “Zedd & Grey” – Adrenaline …. In the end of the day all those label / distributer / platform fights only hurt the artists…. Real bummer – HOWEVER I wanna make sure to give GREY a shout-out… This is a collaboration and not just my own song…. sooooo listen to it, enjoy it and give Grey a follow while you’re at it!

That seems a little weird, but we’re not going to argue about it. If you want to give Grey a follow, you can do so here.