In this day and age, it’s a very common occurrence at electronic dance festivals to see an overwhelming flood of adulterated bad taste. Like anything worthwhile in life, someone who desires something must weed tread through rough waters to find paradise. Rest assured; One crew has brought back the truest sounds of house and techno music, and will be taking over the Nocturnal Wonderland festival grounds by storm all of Friday Night. Spearheaded by Tim “Ruff Hauser“, Kenny “Roy Wilkins“, and Brandon Elliot, expect nothing but the purest form of production, beats and quality mixing. We were able to have a sit down with the legends themselves to discuss all things Cats & Boots.

What’s going on boys! Fantastic to be having a word with some of the most well-known pushers of house music in California, today. Tell us a bit about Cats & Boots. How did it come together?

Brandon Elliot: Cats and boots started as three friends with a gravitating bond for sound and vibes. Kenny Tim and I began at parties in LA 3 years ago for fun, it was always just for fun. We all work in the industry and while traveling year round to some of the most popular festivals were given the opportunity to share our passion of house music by playing for an audience. The label formed very organically as our vision of fun vibes and house music grew with our friends and fans showing support for what we were doing. The evolving scene and being apart of the growth in house music is what drives me I don’t think it will ever stop. The future inspires me and drives Me to continue to contribute myself and be apart of that. 

Roy Wilkins: Hey what’s up Your EDM! Well, Ruff Hauser and I go way back. We have known each other for about 10 years or more now. We were always DJ’ing and getting into music projects together, going out to parties. I believe Tim knew Brandon first through work. We were all just friends gravitating to similar sound and vibe. Everything formed very organically. We started doing parties together and everything went from there. We were never to serious it was always just fun. I think the name of the label speaks for it’s self just fun house music. This scene itself really drives me. I don’t think I will ever stop, it has been apart of my life now for 14 years. I want to see where it goes in the next 14 and hopefully i can help contribute to it!

Ruff Hauser: Cats and Boots has become more than a record label in my eyes. Our crew is made up of some of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. We are all music fans as well as jacks of all trades. We came together as friends first and foremost and we are fueled by camaraderie and passion for a scene and a sound that is infectious. 

Who all represents your brand?

Brandon Elliot & Roy Wilkins:

Roy Wilkins
Brandon Elliot
Ruff Hauser
Neon Black
Johnny Darko
Chris Jay 

As long as the artists are Fire feel free to send it!

What events have you performed at that really stood out, and are there any on the horizon that you guys are looking forward to bringing your sound to?

Roy Wilkins: Beyond Wonderland was amazing for us this year, I love playing the festivals here on the west coast. The energy high the dance floor is ready to party and the production is top notch. Coachella’s silent disco was so much fun too! They had full audio for my set with the floor packed and hundreds waiting in line to get in. They were so responsive as I was Feeding the floor with a driving after hours house. Some of my favorite sets are warehouses and small packed clubs. You really have to create a vibe it allows proved more of a journey in a more personal and expressive way. Focus in Orange County in California is by far one of my favorite clubs to play. The dance floor really fits my sound and I feel home there, it’s such a good outlet for underground house.

Brandon Elliot: All of the EDC’s and Coachella’s we’ve played have been absolutely unreal. As for festivals I’d eventually like to perform at, I’d love to play at Lightning In A Bottle, Shambhala, Outlook and Electric Forest!

Ruff Hauser: EDC Las Vegas is always a fun one! The Boom Box in the parade is pretty epic. Nocturnal will be poppin’. We really want to play Shambhala!

Who is your favorite up and coming artist pushing the sound that you all coincide with of 2016?

Roy Wilkins: We have made a few friends along the way who are some of my favorite producers. RYBO I met a few years ago and he is always blowing me away with his production and has so much energy behind the decks. It really translates to the dance floor. Wood Holly based out of LA is one of my favorite up-and-coming producers for a while now, he’s such a rad guy and his music is so solid and he’s is starting to make big waves now. You should start getting use to his name.

Brandon Elliot: Kyle Watson and Stranger are absolutely lethal!

Ruff Hauser: Kyle Watson, Purple Velvet Curtains, Frederique, the list goes on.

Tell us a bit about Nocturnal Wonderland and your takeover. What can attendees expect to witness at the takeover?

Brandon Elliot: They can expect the hear the best house music they will ever hear at a festival. They can also expect to want to leave but find them selves right back in front of the Boombox for the whole night(trust me, it happens.)  We don’t play stuff you will hear on other stages or on the mainstream EDM radio. Each one of our artists have their own style and try to keep it as fresh as possible straying aways from the normal trend.

Roy Wilkins: We are so stoked to play Nocturnal. Just to be apart of such a amazing and historic party is a honor. Let alone to be on the Boombox which is so much fun. We’re going to be pumping our bass heavy groovy house all night. Expect a little of everything, were bringing the vibes!

Ruff Hauser: I’ve been going to Nocturnal Wonderland for 20 years now and every time it has been about the vibes. It’s about seeing old friends and celebrating a job well done. Cats and Boots is one the hardest working crews I know and we are super appreciative to Insomniac for letting us express ourselves and share our music with people. We are in the booth celebrating life and our music and I would like to think that we are helping others celebrate the same thing.

Are there any performers at Nocturnal that the Cats & Boots crew would like to see?

Roy Wilkins: I’m exited to see so many artist here this weekend. Anna an import out of Brazil who’s been crushing it. Sacha Robotti , Doorly and of course Skream b2b with Eats Everything. Sub Focus will be a must too. Excited to see the heavy hitting Stranger as well as Bot who has been in heavy rotation in my sets.

Brandon Elliot: My list includes, STRANGER, MY NU LENG, Chris lorenzo, Taki nulight, Sub focus, Anjunadeep, Doorly, and Bot!

Ruff Hauser: The line up is so good this year. I really want to see Chris Lorenzo, Wuki, Stranger, Jesse Brooks, Oscure, J Splat, all the old school homies are playing.

Lastly, are there any final words for the Cats & Boots fans?

Roy Wilkins: We’re wrapping up a lot projects at the moment, a lot of collaborations with in our crew and my EP is on the horizon soon. So a lot of new music out soon! 

Brandon Elliot: First off WE wanna say thank you to all the dedicated fans that have been following us since the beginning, and to the news ones the know whats UP! Without your support we are nothing. Thank you, and we hope to bring you tons of exciting Music and crazy amazing take overs … stay tuned for future CATS AND BOOTS WAREHOUSE PARTIES! 

Ruff Hauser: Enjoy yourself!!

There you have it folks, don’t miss the Friday Cats & Boots takeover all night at Nocturnal Wonderland. If you find yourself wandering around feeling a bit lost and barren, don’t be afraid to follow that deeply-rooted desire to end up right back at home with the Boombox crew, come have a drink with us.