Playing hardball with childhood curse substitutions, Getter has finally unleashed Wat The Frick, an EP is as fricking dope as it is steppy as heck.

The eight track EP is nearly all solo material, boasting mostly Getter’s trademark brand of aggressive dubstep with the exception of “Something New” and a collaboration with $UICIDEBOY$ on “2 High.” His acclaimed single “Wat The Frick” has gotten an energetic VIP edit, and Getter even explores the realms of bombastic trap in “Fricken Dope.”

[excerpts that follow taken from Getter’s interview with Run The Trap]

“This EP is essentially revealing to the public what my brain’s been up to. That’s the kind of shit that you can expect, it’s really just everything that I fuck with right now.”

The overarching sound design is a metalloid clanging, seemingly held in vacuum with some seriously percussive ping-back. Getter continues to juxtapose the aggressive nature of dubstep with childlike playfulness for truly unique atmosphere. The entire offering is unapologetically Getter, and anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing one of his sets knows just how rowdy the whole vibe can get. However, the supporting tour for Wat The Frick isn’t what you might expect.

“I’ve always had this idea of doing a tour that isn’t necessarily centered around music, because a lot of people know me for more than that. There’s comedy, characters, other dumb shit involved. I wanna bring those elements to the stage where it’s more of an entertainment tour instead of just a music one. I’m purposefully not having any crazy production or anything – that’s already been done. I think the real work is in the actual show and experience.”

And judging from the hyped arrangements in Getter’s productions, it would be a reasonable guess to think that you might be surprised to hear that Getter isn’t a big partier himself anymore.

“The best way I like to look at it is: I’m at clubs every weekend of my life… for my job. If somebody works at McDonald’s you think on their day off they would want to go to McDonald’s? Fuck that!”

Of course, music is just a slice of what keeps Getter’s fans coming back, made clear by his “Suh” worshippers and latest  skit work on DJ World. So when Run The Trap asked him what’s the next big goal, Getter’s response was all too simple, “Definitely a TV show or a movie.”

Check out the scintillating collection of Wat The Frick below, and grab the EP for yourself now via iTunes.


H/T Run The Trap