Even though Deorro got his start producing everything from melbourne bounce to progressive house, he is no stranger to commercial collaborations. He’s worked with Chris Brown on a remixed version of his hit track “Five Hours” that was dubbed “Five More Hours,” and his most recent single, “Bailar,” found him working with latin singer Elvis Crespo (responsible for such hits as “Suavamente” and “Tu Sonrisa“). Now, Deorro has added a huge pop/reggaeton star to a remixed version of “Bailar,” Mr. Worldwide himself.

Yep, Deorro added Pitbull to “Bailar” for a remixed edition, which scales back Crespo’s vocals in favor of Pitbull’s typical raps. The original version marked a unique blend of EDM and latin-flavored elements, but this version feels like a very transparent attempt to get the track more radio play and better chart performance. Pitbull seems like a bonafide way to get one’s track on the radio, but we wish Deorro had picked a more inspired collaboration for the remixed “Bailar.”

The Pitbull-minted version of “Bailar” released on Ultra Music on Friday, September 1. Stream it below: