It’s been a while since Wuki dropped “Make It Clap,” the undulating summer anthem featuring Dances With White Girls, and now the break-infused booty jam is finally getting its own remix package. The entire collection of edits centers around colossal bass hits, with each of the five remixes cooking up some eclectic design for the lead melody.

First up is Herobust’s interpretation of the track, busting the original into a rowdy trap hammer that’s primed for energizing the dance floor. Lambo’s remix wastes no time jumping in for a delectable hint of moombah to supplement blown-out basslines and metalloid clangs. Wuki’s own VIP provides a kinetic take on the original, Dapp’s remix serves as a rhythmic bumble of pleasantly spastic lasers, and Señor Roar caps things off with a refreshing arrangement of piercing synths similar to those of “Slam Dunk.”

Overall, this remix package stands together as one solid chunk of badassery that’s come just in time to finish off the season. Have a listen below, and be sure to grab the package for your own collection via iTunes.

Also, for kicks and giggles, here’s what Wuki had to say about each contributor on the release.

Herobust: Not much else to say other than hayden crushes everything he touches. he also has a jawline gifted from the gods of eden.

Lambo: Lambo is my canadian brother and he smashed this remix!! I’m so stoked to get him on this package because he’s a close homie and a total badass.

VIP: There were so many awesome ad-libs from [Dances With White Girls] that I felt like I had to make a VIP. Seriously I could probably make 3 more tracks just from his ad-libs, I love it.

Dapp: Dapp is definitely one of my favorite up and coming producers. he has such a definitive sound that he shows in this remix.

Señor Roar: Low key these guys are some of the best producers out there. their tunes are super clean and always banging.