JVST SAY YES is arguably best-known for his monstrous bass house hit “Ill Behaivior,” which was released just over a year ago, and still regularly gets rinsed in sets. While a good portion of his productions are indeed bass house, the Disciple Records bigwig is an equally capable trap producer as several releases have proven, including his newest track “Arrive,” which features Canadian artists The Arcturians. JVST SAY YES dropped the new trap freebie on his SoundCloud earlier today, and it’s just as hard-hitting as anything you could expect from him.

The track starts off with some high-hat rolls over a simple kick-snare pattern, which work with some atmospheric piano chords and synth plucks to establish a deceptively calm mood. Female vocals can be heard over all of this and fill in the gaps of the beat, keeping things interesting throughout the entire intro. However, the drop flips things around, bringing a darker feel to the track almost instantly with its screeching synths and thick sub. Some wubs here and there finish things off, combining into a massive, festival-ready drop that will undoubtedly smash crowds everywhere.

Stream the track below and be sure to grab the free download HERE.