Anytime I see 3 prominent producers names on a single track, I lead with the assumption that the track will at least be decent, and boy did they deliver… JETFIRE, RIVERO and 19 year-old progressive house prodigy Nolan Van Lith have beyond delivered and catered to emotion with their latest collaboration “Tears Of The Sun,” a title so aptly put that it serves as a preface to the emotion that will be evoked during the entirety of the track.

The track starts with a basic kick, bass & snare pattern only to be followed by evocative starry-like pitch bent synths that give a foreshadowing of the emotion that is to be felt within the remainder of the track. Once the intro is over and the break gains steam, enchanting Nigerian vocals lend a harmonious tone overshadowed by a soothing melody. The drop follows with a burst of sky soaring euphoric energy last felt the last time I listened to Audien, and that’s saying something. It’s quite rare that I wander through the trenches of the Spinnin’ Records SoundCloud page and end up liking a track yet, JETFIRE, RIVERO & Nolan Van Lith have truthfully out done themselves in terms of fostering a sense of elation for all those who listen to their track.

Listen to “Tears Of The Sun” below:

Download “Tears Of The Sun” for free here!