I’m really, really loving this shift away from build-drop-build-drop format in electronic music, and more toward verse-chorus-verse structure. It shows a deliberate evolution in the sound of a genre that has for years been focused on eliciting the maximum response from a crowd, one burst at a time. Now, I feel like the thinking has shifted more toward a longer, more stretched out experience that spans the entire show or song. (Trance fans will already be familiar with this.)

AWAY has brought that mentality to future bass with his remix of “American Money” by BØRNS. The greatest part of the track is how long it actually takes to get used to the structure of the vocals within the track. There are times at which it doesn’t seem like they fit, but then… they do. It’s weird. But it’s fantastic.

Aside from just that, there’s the production itself, which I feel like I could spend a couple hundred works talking about, so I won’t. I’ll just say that AWAY is one of the strongest producers of this new group of up-and-comers, and I’m so excited to see what he can do with an original.

Check it out below!