FXpansion, an audio instrument and effects development company based in the UK, has been a leader in exploring audio instruments and effects for software platforms. Founded in 1999, FXpansion has released countless samples, plugins, and effects designed to enhance drum processing and development for musicians, composers and engineers.  In 2003, the first BFD platform was released with critical acclaim. The second, released in 2007 built on top of the previous BFD pack, making the platform and their samples the most flexible and feature-packed product on the market.

Now we have BFD3 Polyrhythmic Metal Groove Pack, in collaboration with Dan Foord. Foord is most notably recognized as the drummer for SikTH and for his involvement with the supergroup Krokodil. With the help of Foord, BFD3 includes progressive, modern and technical metal grooves which further expands on the already impactful BFD platform. The pack has over 500 grooves in total and 26 palettes, which allow artists of many genres to construct great sounding drum tracks effortlessly. Check out a preview of what you will get with the pack in the video below:

“I wanted to create a BFD Groove Pack that would be instantly identifiable as modern tech metal,” says Foord, who has been at the forefront of progressive metal drumming for more than a decade. “Polyrhythms in particular form the basis of this style and 3 over 4 most of all. I can honestly say you won’t find a more comprehensive set of 3 over 4 polyrhythmic grooves and fills anywhere.” Considering metal elements that are present in Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Trap and Hybrid genres, this sample pack and the BFD platform could be tremendously useful to producers trying to up their game.

You can snag your copy of Dan Foord’s Polyrhythmic Metal pack for $39 here and the BFD platform for $349 here.