Being a paid DJ seems glamorous, but people forget that being on the road can be tough. Many artists have opened up as of late about the struggles of being on the road, problems with alcoholism and drug abuse from constantly being surrounded by it, feeling no attachments to home, being away from family and friends for prolonged periods of time and more. So while they may look like they’re living the life travelling the world and playing music, people often forget that artists are human no different than you or I and have lots of hardships they face as well. So when legendary tropical house styled artist Duke Dumont had a fan spit on him this past weekend at Union Hall in Edmonton, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

After being spit on, an incredibly rude and disrespectful act, Dumont took to the mic to announce he was done on stage, cutting mid song. Stating “I don’t get paid enough to be spat on” and “if you’re brave enough come the f*ck down. Whoever did that come down on stage.” Of course, the attendee who did commit the act didn’t step on stage but it makes us remember that just because our favorite artists get to travel and play music, they’re just as human as us, and no one deserves to be treated with such disrespect on stage. Check out a video of the event here!