I was browsing Soundcloud recently, as per usual, and happened to stumble across a new song posted by Good Enuff. I was immediately entranced by the lead synth introduced in just the first few seconds of this track. I had to know more about the artist that created it, and as I went to his Soundcloud and browsed more of his catalogue, I was enthralled by his style. Another track that stood out to me, and countless others, was his remix of Ray Volpe’s “Love Lane.” I immediately asked KYLI if he’d be available to do an interview, to which he responded very enthusiastically.

The French producer is only 20 years old and seems to have a grasp of production that resembles that of a seasoned veteran. With each of his tracks, he produces some of the most idiosyncratic music I’ve experienced. The track that first introduced me to his music, the one released on Good Enuff, was “Feels.” I had to know more about someone’s mind could create such intricate sounds and melodies. Here are some of the questions I needed to know the answers to:

How did you come up with the synth line in your new track “Feels”?

“Like a normal process for me, I tried to find some chords and a drop, and when I have [those], I search [for] lead sounds, this one is maybe the most difficult that I’ve made because the rhythm is really fast. [It took me] something like 2 months to finish it and find a good lead sound and the best melody for it. For the record, the first lead of the drop was twice as slow at the start but I accelerate [it] by two and here is the result.”

What’s the significance behind the name KYLI?

“There’s really no significance behind the name. I was looking for a name, and I was listening to the DJ Snake’s remix of “You Know You Like It,” and if you take the initials, it gives YKYLI. I’ve just removed the first Y and there it is.  It was not a default choice either, I have maturely reflected this choice.”

I know you started out producing electro house and switched to future bass. Can you tell me a little bit more about your history with producing music and why you started with electro and made the switch?

“So I started almost 8 years ago. I was inspired by Axwell, EDX and some other Swedish progressive producers, so I tried to create something on this wave, something between prog and electro. With time, the electro sound became more rough and less melodic with the big room wave. So I started to move away from electro and find a less violent and more melodic sound that mostly looks like me or the idea that I have of music.”

What made future bass so appealing?

“I started to listen to much more chill pieces, like Flume or Bear//Face (which is one of my influences for chill music) and I thought I should try something more cool. Then over time, I began to produce less and less progressive. For a day, I spent [time] completely [producing] future bass. It was not calculated or anything, I needed to calm down maybe.”

You’ve mentioned in other interviews that Haywyre and Infuze are two artists you’d like to collaborate with. Anyone new you want to add to the list?

“Fox Stevenson and Just A Gent for sure. Fox Stevenson is one of my favorite dubstep producers. He has his own touch in dubstep, but when I listen to his last EP on Disciple, his ability to mix genres, melody and the [aggression] of the dubstep is so awesome! For Just A Gent, it’s a big dream to collab with him one day because he is one of the best producers that I know. Listen his latest EP and his remix for Aston Shuffle and you’ll know why I hope to collab with him.”

I’ve heard we’re expecting an EP from you. When is the EP set to be released?

“I have to finish it first, so I don’t want to give a wrong date. But, for the end of the year for sure.”

Check out more tunes from KYLI on his Soundcloud, and be sure to watch out for his upcoming EP!