I’m all about experimentation in dance music and trying to do something different – right now, that seems to be incorporating rap into the beats. (Even though this has been done, for like… the past decade.) Big Gigantic’s latest album did it spectacularly well, enlisting the help of Pell, Logic, and even Waka Flocka, whose track is surprisingly good.

The latest effort comes from Mazde on his new track “Neverland,” enlisting the help of Khary for the verses. Now, some people might take offense at this, but Khary’s rhymes remind me a lot of some classic Lupe Fiasco, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. On the same note, Mazde complements Khary’s vocals perfectly, making this a true collaboration rather than two puzzle pieces from different puzzles that happened to fit together.

Check out “Neverland” below!