It is seriously unreal how much quality bass music comes out of eastern Europe’s various locales; our minds are almost constantly being blown by one newly discovered artist or another. Today, our focus is on Slovakia’s premiere beat peddler, Jimmy Pé. With multiple releases on Saturate! Records, support from Noisia for his recent collaboration with Pleasure, and remixes for Stwo20syl, and more under his belt, the fact that he should be on your radar goes basically without saying.

To drive that point home, one need only press the ‘Play’ button on his VIP edit of ‘Hudson River’, one of his older tunes. Drawing inspiration from the one and only Hudson Mohawke, this track is a hurricane of thumping 808s, clattering percussion, and hyper-active horns. Gritty yet energetic, this one has undeniable hype; you’ll be out of your seat in no time flat. Taking advantage of this edgy vibe, Jimmy Pé and his friends turned the song into a backdrop for a truly eye-catching music video. Premiered recently via All Trap Music, the video tells the story of a slum in Nairobi; a magical black box travels throughout the streets and alley-ways, moving from hand-to-hand and forcing everyone it comes into contact with to dance. No one seems to be able to hold onto it for long, though, as it emits a strange energy. In the end, the box is returned to its original owner, and the story begins anew.

To sum up, it’s definitely worth a watch and a listen. Check out the full stream after the jump and prepare for a wild ride!


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But, wait, there’s more! The ‘Hudson River’ VIP doesn’t stand alone; it’s part of a full release from none other than Doggtown Records. Entitled The Pack, it features Jimmy’s tune alongside others from beat hustlers like Subp YaoGuerilla SpeakerzBoeboe, and more. If you like your music with a touch of weird-sauce, then this release is certainly worth checking out; it’s currently available via the label’s Bandcamp.