This past Saturday, the one and only Darude was booked to play Twitch Con at Petco Park. Thanks to a packed crowd, the event was pretty much a success. However, a small contingent of people are angry at the DJ/producer for not playing his hit song, “Sandstorm.”

It’s hard to tell who really started this all, but @MikeDiva and @KhailAnonymous seem to be the two biggest voices in the ordeal. Fans were apparently angry that Darude didn’t play his most-known track and claimed it was the only reason he was booked.

It got so bad at his show that he was actually booed after his performance concluded.

In fact, it seems that what he played was his Angry Birds remake of the track rather than the original, which Darude says is “100% composition, 75% same instrumentation” as the original anyway.

Perhaps the biggest tweet of entitlement comes from @JaysonsRage who claims he paid a whole “57 fucking dollars” and didn’t get to hear “Sandstorm.” Here’s a tip if you want to hear “Sandstorm”: Open up YouTube and search for “Sandstorm,” then click the first link. If you pay money to see Darude, then expect to hear Darude mixing, not acquiescing to the demands of the audience.

And for what it’s worth, Darude played an encore performance the following day and guess what he played… yep, “Sandstorm.” He looked pretty damn pleased about it, too.