Just a few days before their collaborative tour takes off, Jantsen and LUZCID hit us with an incredible new, yet nostalgic, dubstep track. The track’s title, “Submarine,” is also the title of their upcoming tour going from coast to coast. Both of these artists are on the rise coming out with one banger after another, this one being no exception to their rule of delivering incredible music.

The track starts with reggae influenced, up-stroked guitar chords. This is proceeded by a vocal chop that adds some rhythm to the accompanying old school styled synth playing a melody in the back. The break comes in with a rave synth placed in the background, adding to the suspense as breaks come in to build the song. When the drop hits, it feels and sounds like you were transported to early 2000s with the duo’s nostalgically styled wubs. While the old school feel of the track makes us reminisce back to late nights listening to Mt Eden on YouTube in our bedrooms, the producers also add refreshing elements that weren’t prevalent in old school dub. You can download the track for free below. Also check out their upcoming tour dates to catch the duo in action:

10/15 – IDL Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
10/21 – Mardi Gras Ballroom –  Boise, ID **
10/22 – Canal Club – Richmond, VA **
10/30 – Haunted Lights Festival – Atlanta, GA
11/11 – Club Fantasy – Detroit, MI
11/12 – Tempt – Murfreesboro, TN
12/1 – Westcott Theatre – Syracuse, NY
12/2 – Slake – New York, NY
12/3 – Cabaloosa’s – New Paltz, NY **
12/9 – The Odeon – Cleveland, OH

and more TBA


** Denotes dates with only LUZCID