While we have a lot of love for Baauer’s debut album Aa that released earlier this year, it was in a lot of ways way too short and not trappy enough for a lot of listeners. Thankfully, Baauer just recently premiered a new track on his Studio B radio show on Beats Radio.

Called “Paauer,” this track goes hard. A dark, modulated synth opens up the track before some breakbeat drums make their way into the mix, along with an oscillated lead that drops right into the main body of the track. This track is huge in almost every sense of the word, throwing in some epic bird samples amongst the crisp 808s and everything else.

At only 2:48, this track leaves us wanting so, so much more. If Baauer wants to make a followup EP to Aa that was a bit more lit, we certainly wouldn’t be opposed.


Image via We Have OCD