It’s days like today that make us especially grateful for the Internet. The ability to discover new music from any far-flung corner of the world and connect with the human who created it is nothing short of magical. To really drive that point home, we’re happy to present you with our premiere of Russian beat poet Pavel Dovgal‘s latest work, ‘VHS’.

Dovgal draws his inspiration from an eclectic blend of sources; jazz, hip-hop, his travels around Asia, and, of course, electronic music. As the first single from his upcoming album, The Aura, ‘VHS’ serves as a perfect intro to this multifaceted style of production. A lofty yet fleeting intro quickly gives way to a wavering bass line backed by crisp, understated percussion. Further layers are added as bright, glittery synth stabs mimic the undeniably groovy rhythm. The result is a uniquely hybrid piece of music, floating somewhere between glitch and lo-fi electronica; think Thom Yorke meets Russ Liquid and Mad Zach. And if that doesn’t pique your interest, we truly don’t know what will.

While Berlin’s Project Mooncircle won’t be releasing The Aura in full until late November, the stream of Pavel Dovgal’s ‘VHS’ can be found after the jump. If you’re feeling the vibes, be sure to pre-order the album and keep your eyes peeled for more from this burgeoning music maker!


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