Sometimes, a producer or DJ’s strongest asset doesn’t necessarily come from their stand-alone productions, intriguing collaboration, lucrative live-performances, or energetic DJ sets. In these cases, musicians shine by putting together and sharing a scheduled mix-series opening audiences to different perspectives on the tunes they’re grooving to and new ones they may have never heard before. This is exemplified to the T by balaclava-wearing enigma Malaa and his series aptly “Who Is Malaa.”

In his latest episode, Malaa opens with “Utopia” from label mate Dombresky; an upcoming single for label Confession. The dark house vibes take form bouncing between releases from labels like Cuff and Dirtybird. But just to keep things as mysterious as himself, Malaa also added a couple of ominous IDs into the mix for good measure. We even get to hear his latest release with Tchami called “Prophecy” which happens to be one of the best tracks of last month. Even though the mix is half-an-hour long and contains less than seven tracks, “Who Is Malaa” 12 is another brooding chapter in the producer/DJ’s sinister appearance.

Check out the mix below and let us know what you think of the latest episode of “Who Is Malaa”.

For the full tracklist, click here.