There are a bunch of us who miss the old wub sound from dubstep around 2012-2013. It was after the “golden age” of dubstep in its come up, and right in the heyday of brostep, but was still able to set itself apart with the lack of those harsh highs. Instead, it had extremely pronounced low end, and a very distinct wobble.

Leave it to SoDown to find a perfect marriage of that 2012 dubstep sound, funk and vocals in “Never Ending Story” feat. Jubee. A lot of the elements are akin to those found within tracks by Griz or Big Gigantic, which is of course a compliment.

Jubee’s vocals are present in the interludes, giving the track a very rich and complete feeling, not to mention the saxophone solo toward the end… hnngg. Be sure to grab your free download here.

“Never Ending Story” is the first single off SoDown’s forthcoming EP, A Different Story.