The HARD Father himself, Gary Richards aka Destructo, is one of the leading names in the dance music community. From founding event massive HARD (name behind HARD Summer, Day of the Dead, Holy Ship and more) to creating an empire with his own production and DJing talent, Richards has become a mogul and essential piece to the rise of electronic music in the States.

Currently embarking on his Renegade tour and bringing names like ILoveMakonnen, Vindata and many more on the road with him, not to mention just off the release of his latest single “Winning” featuring upcoming rapper Problem, we got to talk with the man himself to catch up on his time on the road, new music, HARD and more.

You just finished up your first few stops of your new tour with iLoveMakonnen and many more! How was the first few shows?

Destructo: Everything was dope. Check the video:

You’ve got a wild variety of acts on these upcoming shows from iLoveMakonnen to Hotel Garuda and everything in between! How did you choose such a diverse line up?

D: Just wanted to mix it up. So many times people do the same things. I always want to change things up and be a Renegade to shake the norm.

How was the change in location for HARD Summer? Do you like the new location more?

D: The Speedway is the perfect location for what we do. Just need to adjust things to make it better for next year.

Are you excited to be branching HARD into Australia? Can we expect any crazy surprises for the inaugural event?

D: We have been in Australia for many years at Stereosonic with the HARD stages that we produce. We always have some tricks up our sleeves. You will have to wait and see.

You’ve been a prominent taste maker in the electronic scene for years. Are there any acts you’re really excited about that are on the come up?

D: Wax Motif, Drezo, Ganz, Dateless, Taiki Nulight, Chris Lorenzo, too many to name.

Your last few singles have seen you work with names like Ty Dolla $ign, Wax Motif, iLoveMakonnen and many more. Is there any names in music right now you absolutely have to work with?

D: Wait till you see who I got on the new Renegade EP coming in January. I think it is going to be on the next level.

With so many milestones accomplished in your career, what is one goal you still are aiming to achieve as a musician and also as the founder of HARD?

D: Book Daft Punk and make a tune with Dr Dre.

If you could go back in time and give advice to your past self when you first got into music, what would you want to tell yourself?

D: Always stick to your gut instinct. You know what you are doing.

Your newest tune “Winning” featuring Problem couples G-House with Problem’s infectious hip hop vocals seamlessly. How did you first get in contact with Problem?

D: We recorded “Winning” the same night as “Dare You 2 Move.” Just took a minute to get this one right. Problem is a real G.

Are there any other rappers that you have your eyes on to collab with?

D: Dr. Dre.

How did you initially get exposed to the hip hop and rap world?

D: My dad was on the radio. I have a platinum plaque on my office wall from the Sugarhill Gang. I have been around rap music pretty much from day one.

Who are some of your favorite classics and present day voices in the hip hop and rap game?

D: Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates, Snoop Dogg, Skepta, Giggs, Denzel Curry, D.R.A.M, E-40

With only a few more dates remaining on the Renegade tour, make sure to catch Destructo and friends as they wrap up the year strong and to check out “Winning” below to get a taste of what’s in store as Richards takes 2017 to brand new heights.