It’s only been a year since Excision’s last album came out, entitled Codename X. It honestly fell a little short, especially compared to his debut X Rated – but fans really didn’t mind since it was so clearly filled with face-melting material anyway. Plus, it was released around the same time as his 2015 Shambhala Mix compilation which contained an astounding 40 tracks.

Regardless, he’s back again having announced the release of his third album, Virus, out in two weeks, October 25. The album will have 16 tracks, five more than he had with Codename X, and more of the tracks will be previously unheard of. Containing collaborations with Sam King, Dion Timmer, Madi, Datsik, and more, the tracklist seems to be leaning more toward “songs” and less toward straight out dubstep bangers, though we still have to wait to see for sure.

That being said, in announcing the album, Excision also just dropped one of his most anticipated tracks of the year with Space Laces, “Throwin’ Elbows.” The track is perfectly suited for headbangers of all varieties, and seriously, what a perfect track to get the album hype going.

Virus drops on October 25. Pre-order it here.


Image via Ravers Choice