Not too long ago, Skrillex spent some time in Shanghai performing one of his most genre-bending sets for Boiler Room. This mix contained music from the man himself blending with tracks from popular acts like Kanye West to rising talents like Phiso. But among the IDs and his label’s tunes, one of the tracks from his first ever Boiler Room set has surfaced for free download.

In the first half of the set, Skrillex brought the mood down after pumping the crowd with tracks like “Fonky Beat” by BELLECOUR with an unlikely follow-up track. Pitting Gary Go‘s vocals from “Cinema” by Benny Benassi to the instrumental of the “Oui” by Jeremih, Benzi and BryceM88 created a mash-up that revives one of EDM’s most memorable hooks while bouncing off of one of the biggest songs of 2016. Much like the Jack Ü mashup of “Cinema” and “Get Free” from Major Lazer, “Cinema Oui” is an intriguing take on these two otherwise different tracks.

Right now, this mash-up is available for free download from Benzi’s label Get Right Records. Check it out and let us know what you think.