There’s a lot of ways that you can say Major Lazer influenced music with “Lean On,” but perhaps one of the most noticeable is the now pervasive vocal chop. Yes, it had been used long before the hit song ever came out, but it has now become almost ubiquitous in productions, often to terrible effect.

I’m happy to say that KREAM is not such an example, and their new song “Taped Up Heart” with Clara Mae is actually a refreshing production that’s enjoyable in every way. Though it is still very reminiscent of “Lean On,” it’s able to carve its own sound once everything is said and done.

A large part of the track’s uniqueness is due to Clara Mae’s vocals. Her cadence alone is enough to make my spine tingle, but her voice is smooth as butter, only lifted higher by the immaculate production underneath. Check it out for yourself below:

As part of Big Beat’s mission of  bringing you the newest in creative sound, the acapella will be made available online to give up-and-coming producers the opportunity to put their creative touch on the track. Free download here.