Inb4 Major Lazer and Justin Bieber file a huge lawsuit over this.

We just happened across this new track, “Blow,” by one Jacky Greco. Featuring Snoop DoggArlissa and Jakkcity, the song almost identically copies “Cold Water” in the instrumentation, slightly varied melody and rhythm – especially in the “drop” section. While this wouldn’t typically be unusual for a collection of small and unknown artists perfecting their craft, the Snoop Dogg feature here immediately turns this likely copyright infringement into a major issue, especially since the track is being sold and marketed heavily with 200,000 plays on YouTube already.

Some might argue the track was legitimately sampled for this release, however, the fact that it has been released on an independent label, Kontor Records, with no ties to Mad Decent leads us to believe otherwise.

We have reached out to the artist in question regarding this affair, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. Is “Blow” a rip off of “Cold Water?” Compare the two below; though “Blow” is at a faster pace, you can hear the similarities most clearly at :56 compared to :46 into “Cold Water.”