Fareoh has been on quite the music streak lately. From his hit remix of Hailee Steinfeld’sLove Myself” to his rendition of Skizzy Mars’Alcoholics“, 2016 has been a big year for Fareoh. Now, as the year starts to wind down, Fareoh drops yet another anthem that kicks falls off with a bang.

Titled “Illegal“, Fareoh’s latest track features the beautiful vocals of Katelyn Tarver and is an up lifting anthem that pulls at the heart strings. “Illegal” has deep rhythmic synth lines that compliment and accent the vocals to almost perfection.

In a day and age where bass wubs are the latest trend, Fareoh makes a powerful statement that he will be sticking to his own style and be doing it damn well, judging by the quality of “Illegal“.

Listen to “Illegal” below and be the judge yourself:

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