People who follow Maty Noyes on Twitter, and likely even those who don’t, likely saw the news that she had accused Kygo’s longtime manager, Myles Shear, of various improprieties. Noyes accused Shear of sexism after cancelling her appearance at The Hollywood Bowl this week for Kygo’s back to back show, claiming he said, “put on a pretty dress, lipstick, open your mouth and sing. We don’t need your voice in the show, we only deal with the best.”

Noyes received support from Kesha, with her commenting, “my [heart] is with @matynoyes … sweetheart you should be singing at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. it’s unfair to you, and it’s unfair to your fans. when someone in this industry treats you like shit, just tell the truth. the universe is listening. [sic]”

After the conclusion of both shows this weekend, Shear reached out to us to provide an exclusive statement regarding the incident. Shear does not confirm the allegations, and offers a sincere apology to Noyes.

You can read his statement below.

“I was fortunate enough to experience a few of the most incredible moments of Kygo’s career this weekend but along the way came negative attention that I want to address. As some of you may be aware, there has been a recent publicized disagreement between myself and Maty Noyes. I would like to personally apologize to Maty for what has come of this situation. The recent issues we had been working out should not have kept you from performing at these shows. The Kygo team and I are deeply appreciative for Maty’s dedicated work ethic while sharing stages and success across the world. I’m truly sorry for what was said and for the situation that unfolded, and hope you will accept my apology.” – Myles Shear, Manager – Kygo

We’ve reached out to Noyes’ team for a comment but have not heard back at time of publication. You can see her original statement below.

When you write a song, travel the world to perform for an entire year for free, and then get treated like a complete piece of ? because you get sick and miss one show. Now I’m told that I can’t do the Hollywood bowl for all my people in LA. I am being punished to being sick. “put on a pretty dress, lipstick, open your mouth and sing. We don’t need your voice in the show, we only deal with the best.” – @managermyles is this really how you treat people that you call one big family? I’m sick of dealing with these sexist pigs in the industry. Im standing up for myself. #standup with me. ?? it’s sad to think I can’t even sing the song that I WROTE & has over 330 million plays. whoever goes to the show tonight know that I’m there in spirit & I should have been the one singing to you guys. It’s time to move on from doing favors for @kygomusic and focus on myself. #hollywoodbowl #letmatystay #kygo #STANDUP im a 19 year old woman in this industry you will NOT treat me like this ? @ecclesinephoto #flowerpower #girlpower

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