How far down the rabbit hole must we venture before we realize that sometimes it’s okay to just make a dope tune that everyone will vibe to? The tune I’m describing is one of a three-piece EP entitled Xenon Eyes on the legendary Play Me Records. The reason I prefer this tune from the bunch, is the pure classical electronica energy to it. It doesn’t sound like 80% of the bass house or EDM coming out of so many of these artists. It doesn’t sound forced. It doesn’t sound like it needs to be something else. It’s just, good music. Plain and simple.

I detect a few influences that, just alone, would make any avid listener a fan. It’s got a fun, yet technical Daft Punk feel to it (pre-climax), yet delves into a glitch-themed drop, spearheaded by a tight house beat. If this description hasn’t hooked you enough, perhaps a slight navigation upward to the play button will settle this score once and for all.

Leave it to Play Me to once again, see an adulterated and over-saturated industry market and release pieces of music that are quite literally Light Years Away.

Purchase the entire release here.