Albums usually release on Fridays now, but there’s no reason why an album can’t release on a Tuesday, and Excision is the last person we’d expect to stick to convention.

Virus is Excision’s biggest album to date, spanning 16 tracks – 6 more than X Rated and 5 more than Codename X, his album that came out last year. There was a three-year gap between his first and second albums, so the announcement of a third so soon after the second took everyone by surprise. And yet, it also feels like his most impressive album yet.

While the album has some classic Excision-style tunes like the new “Neck Brace” with Messinian, there’s also the mellow “Drowning” featuring Akylla and “With You” featuring Madi, who was just recently featured on a collaboration with Slushii. The album does a great job of spanning the styles of dubstep while staying true to the Excision sound, so fans should be happy with the results.

There are also some tracks on here that fans have been begging for, like the epic Space Laces collaboration “Throwin’ Elbows” or “Africa” with Dion Timmer. And of course we can’t forgot the absolutely wild “Harambe” collaboration with Datsik and Dion Timmer.

The whole album is available now, and you can listen to it below.