It’s that time of year again! Well… not technically, since the SNAILEDIT! mix isn’t actually an annual thing, but it gets the point across all the same. However, the previous mix was 11 months ago, so why not?

Either way, SNAILEDIT! Volume 4 is out now and just as crazy as ever. He’s continued his tradition of letting loose an insane amount of IDs in the mix, and, like before, he will begin revealing everything at 150k plays. One ID track name will be revealed after every subsequent 25k plays. The last mix had 38 tracks, so assuming a similar number this time around, we’ll need 1.1 million plays on this bad boy until everything is made clear. That’s a lot, but Snails (and we) can do it.

Check out the mix below and be sure to set aside 45 minutes so you can listen to it uninterrupted. Oh, and keep an eye out for hisĀ Skrillex collab.


Image via Rukes