Secret Recipe has done it again. Formerly known as Intellitard, this Bay Area beat hustler has been steadily honing his sound to a fine, glittering point. Each new release under his new alias tickles our ears more than the last and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch his style evolve.

That being said, his latest album is hands down our favorite project from him to date. Entitled Singularity of Fucks Not Given, it is the most real and cohesive representation of his ever-improving production; in other words, this is Secret Recipe at his finest. He fearlessly fuses elements of neuro, dubstep, trap and many others to create a sound that is unique to him. The album is packed to the brim with purple bass lines, sparkling synth waves, and addictive melodies. Psychedelia reigns supreme as per usual, and there’s plenty of glitched-out madness and stylistic switch-ups to keep the listener enthralled. To top it all off, the album also feature appearances from fellow bass peddlers like Spoken BirdAtomic Reactor, and Ancient Mermaids.

You definitely don’t want to be caught sleeping on this one, especially since it’s available as a name-your-price-download via Wormhole Music Group. The full stream of Singularity of Fucks Not Given is available below as well; give it a listen and keep an eye out for more from this maniacal maestro!


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