Yesterday, after an allegedly deleted Axwell tweet made its rounds through the internet, the world wept over the possibility of Swedish House Mafia getting back together – again.

However, Axwell was quick to deny the tweet’s validity, saying that anyone with Photoshop and a brain can start a rumor these days.

Still, unless this particular wise guy had the foresight to put out two different images on both desktop and mobile, which have went on to “receive” different numbers of engagement, we’ve got to believe this is a graceful way to cover up the leak. And it certainly wouldn’t be the first time an artist has loosed details of a campaign before management was ready for the announcement.

In short, we don’t believe you, Axwell.



(The image in the background of the second tweet is a watermark from We Rave You)

In case you missed it, click here for more details on what this ominous announcement could mean for the future.


Image via Rukes