Some artists in the EDM world get a bad rap for being unoriginal or following trends, especially those who have made big room house in the past. While tracks like “Tsunami” and “Stampede” are far from critically acclaimed, they have paved the way for producer/DJ John Borger, better known as Borgeous. Borgeous released his debut album 13 at the end of August. Anyone who was expecting more cookie-cutter festival tracks is going to be in for a shock.

13 spans all genres. From the emotional and melodic on “Wanna Lose You” with Australian trance/house producer tyDi, to the hard-hitting festival banger “Savage” with Riggi & Piros and Lil’ Jon13 accomplishes John’s mission of wanting to provide something for everyone and every moment. The newest single, “Going Under” with Loud Luxury, is a chilled out future-house track with a definite tropical vibe. The accompanying video sought to recreate that sound visually and it fully achieved that. Here’s what John had to say about the album and track.

Hey John, congrats on the new album, it’s an impressive piece of work. The new single “Going Under” is a laidback, futuristic, almost tropical sounding song. Tell me about the inspiration for this particular track and what was the production process like?

“I haven’t done a song like this since ‘This Could Be Love’ with Shaun Frank & Delaney Jane, so when I heard Loud Luxury wanted to work on something together with that vibe we went at it. I really wanted to do a feel good, listen to anywhere kind of song that makes you want to be near the beach.” 

Speaking of tropical, the video for “Going Under” is a first person perspective of a dream tropical vacation. What was the inspiration for this? How much of a part do you play in the process of videos and other things that accompany an individual track?

“We wanted to do a video that fit the vibe of the song and the idea of it. I’m involved in the creative process for all my videos in some way or another.” 

There are so many different songs and styles on 13. What led you to want to make an album? How do you hope your fans receive it and how do you hope your critics receive it?

“My goal was put out something unique that can be consumed both as a whole and as individual tracks. Each song on 13 sort of took on the mood I was in while making it, and I want it to be listened to in the same way. I would love for it to be received well, since I tried to give it variety hopefully there is a song in there for everyone to enjoy.”

Anything else planned for the rest of 2016? What can fans expect heading into 2017?

“I have a few more shows left in 2016, always trying to play gigs as often as I can so that can definitely be expected for next year.”

What’s something you’re listening to right now that your fans would be surprised to hear you listen to?

“Pearl Jam.”

Borgeous will have upcoming dates this weekend at EDC Orlando and a huge international appearance at Creamfields in Chile. Borgeous will be making some club appearances in December including Hakkasan Las Vegas and Create in Los Angeles. Check out the epic video for “Going Under” with Loud Luxury below and get whisked away on a tropical vacation of your dreams.