The last time we were graced with Skrillex‘s iconic Mothership stage design concept was in 2014 when he closed down his debut world tour of the same name. Featured in over 60 venues across the US, Canada and Europe, the image of the levitating spaceship emerging from a pool of light and smoke at the start of Skrillex’s set is burned into the minds of his most dedicated fans to this day.

Lucky for attendees who stopped by ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA this weekend, however, the Mothership as able to be witnessed one more time in all its glory. As part of his set at the newly established music festival for Complex magazine, Skrillex dug the ship out of the attic to use in fantastic fashion.

Playing a healthy mix of old and new material, Skrillex’s performance was heralded by many Twitter users as one of the best they’d ever seen. Check out several of their videos below.


Image: Rukes