Last weekend’s annual Escape: Psycho Circus event definitely didn’t go off without a hitch, but that isn’t to say it was an utter failure, either. In terms of raves in general, it was pretty standard in its security, arrests, decor and performances – though whenever there’s an Insomniac tag attached to a festival, you can expect a lot more than “standard.”

Nevertheless, last weekend was faced with a lot of issues stemming from fake ticket sales from third parties, as well as more people than ever coming with the sole purpose to crash the event, according to Insomniac founder and CEO, Pasquale Rotella. This year, hundreds attempted to storm the gates and many succeeded in getting in while others with legitimate tickets were forced to wait while the situation was handled.

In an post to his followers on Facebook, Rotella promises they’ve already “begun discussing new strategies to outsmart the scalpers and the gate crashers because it’s frustrating to have the night start off on a sour note after working so hard to prepare a great show.”

Rotella also remarked how the Chopping Block stage on Friday, home to Bassrush, caused an “unacceptable” wait due to the sheer amount of people inside. The stage is currently inside of a large, warehouse-like structure and so has a maximum capacity. Rotella promises that next year the stage will be in an outside tent to avoid waits like this year.


Photo by Alex G Perez