There are many divisive and decisive issues on this year’s ballot. Aside from the obvious presidential election, nine states are voting to legalize marijuana. The first of those states has just reported in.

According to 538, the ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana in Florida passed by a landslide, with 76.9 percent in favor and 29.1 percent opposed.

According to TYT, Massachusetts has passed full legalization as well. Though from other sources, that measure is still far too close to call. Masslive has the measure at 53% yes with 61% reporting at this time. Via FiveThirtyEight:

“Adults age 21 and older will be able to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants for personal use and consume marijuana privately. Its use would be regulated similar to how the state handles alcoholic beverages. Medical marijuana is already legal in the state.

If the measure passes, the state will create the Cannabis Control Commission to oversee marijuana legalization. A 3.75 percent tax would be placed on marijuana sales. Revenue would be placed in a Marijuana Regulation Fund to pay for administrative costs. Cities and towns would be allowed to add a local tax of up to 2 percent.”

Three more states are voting to legalize medical marijuana, and five (total) are voting to legalize recreational marijuana. If all measures pass,┬ápot would become legal in some form in 29 states and Washington D.C. – over half the country.

UPDATE 8:22PM PST | Prop 64 has passed in California. Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state.

UPDATE 9:25PM PST | Massachusetts voters have approved the legalization of recreational marijuana, making it the first state on the east coast to do so.


Photo by David McNew/Getty Images