In the wake of his Your EDM guest editorial on the controversial outcome of this year’s Top 100 DJ List, producer 3LAU has reemerged onto his Facebook page to offer his thoughts on another pressing issue: voting in the current presidential election.

He began his post by describing a recent debate he had with someone, in which he was told that he was being “irresponsible” by choosing not to vote. As statements, ultimatums and opinions run rampant across the realms of Facebook, 3LAU said that he felt it would be appropriate to throw his own into the mix.

Refusing to vote is a personal statement against the two-party system, 3LAU continued, referring to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as “disgusting.” He mentions that, in his view, the character traits of each candidate may not reflect the habits or personality of those voting for them.

“Point being, don’t ruin friendships over this election. It isn’t YOUR fault we have two shit candidates. It’s just the nature of our antiquated system of government.”

Read the complete post below.


Image: Rukes