Prismo recently released an astonishing EP with a few remixes on it. The EP, titled Distant Minds, featured a great track “Coexist.” The remix of this track that was included on the EP really caught my attention. The co-founders of Mystic Select teamed up to deliver the future gem remix of Prismo’s “Coexist.” Nick Anthony and Jordan Andrew have been steadily making waves with their music. Anthony just released a two track, future bass EP that is phenomenal. Andrew released a full length, debut album earlier this year. These works have proven that they have command over their respective sounds and have established themselves as artists who are truly authentic. You can hear each producer’s individual sounds bleed through with this remix combined in such a way that is truly magical.

The track begins with Prismo’s vocals, with a lightly plucked marimba sounding synth. Happy feelings rush over you as the lyrics pique your interest and the bass comes in to hit you in the feels. Quivering, filtered synths, busy percussion and vocal chops shower the drop, adding a unique rhythm and sound. As these two artists continue to grow, I’m excited to see where each of their journey’s take them. Take a listen to the track below: