Kozmo must never sleep or something, because his release schedule is out of control. Though his last solo release is still fresh in our ears, he’s already got a new batch of tunes ready for rotation. This time around, it’s a collaborative endeavor with Provider entitled Cascadia.

The full EP won’t be available until next week, but you can get a sneak peek at what’s to come. ‘Lo’ & Behold’ marks the first and only single available until Cascadia drops in its entirety. Fortunately for us, it’s a doozy. Ambient and atmospheric synths kick things off smoothly, then quickly cruise towards banks of crisp percussion. Understated 808s and droning sub-bass takeover here, creating rhythms made for head-bobbing. After a short interlude, the drop hits and it’s game over. All the elements blend together seamlessly and an irresistible melody is born out of the fusion.

The sounds of Kozmo and Provider are truly a match, so be sure to tune in and see for yourself. Check out the stream of ‘Lo & Behold’ after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the full release on Chillage Records!


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