Well, apparently we’re too cool for Botnek & Snails. How would I know this? Their new massive bass track, with vocals stating “You’re too f*cking cool,” tells me so. This collaboration is a dream come true for bass house fans everywhere. The grimey “vomitstep” coined by Snails, mixed with Botnek’s affinity for creating filthy, heavy house bangers makes for this duo to be one of destructive bass. This new tune “ur 2 cool,” was just released on Dim Mak Today.

The track begins with the typical house intro leading into percussion underneath a guy aggressively saying “I don’t f*ck with you cause you think you’re fucking cool.” The suspense builds as this cadence is repeated, culminating in a massive drop. Huge kicks and a undeniably Snails-inspired synth lead, the drop hits like a ton of bricks. It doesn’t stop either, the bass madness continues with no down time. The duo gives us a more trapped up second drop to keep things interesting in the flurry of grime. Check out the new track below: