Just in time for your weekend must-play set lists, we have a brand new premiere exclusive from one of dubstep’s most lethal teams. Helicopter Showdown & Sluggo are reborn with a brand new ear-tearing production, evidently one to slaughter every falsity released on pop radio you hate to hear for the umpteenth time. Through a wonky yet dancehall approach, the boys harness everything craved in a 140 track. The addictive bass-drenched rhythm provides a neck-breaking theme song for every listening environment thrown in its joust.

Imagine yourself entering a dark, yet peculiarly-neon lit circus tent. A thick green fog rolls past you and whispers something untranslatable into your ear. Where am I? As the roof begins to cave, a daunting drum line of creatures stomp into your threshold of capability. Time moves faster as tensions rise. Before long, a meticulously-adulterated soundscape infects your ear passages with enough bass weight to question your reality. Pop!

….”Slaughter…Pop.” Someone corrects you.

You can listen/ purchase the release here: bit.ly/HSSSP12