If you keep tabs on Saturate! Records, you’ve no doubt been awaiting their latest offering of sonic savagery. And now that wait is over; the Autoraw EP from CRIMES! is here and it’s everything we hoped for.

Featuring seven original tracks, this release finds the Los Angeles beat hustler displaying his knack for blending raw with atmospheric. Most of the tracks explore the heavy-hitting hybrid sound of trap and dubstep, delving deep into the underground style. Eerie, cinematic intros and interludes give way to raucous breakdowns fueled by womping mid-range bass. The sound design CRIMES! puts on display is stellar throughout the EP, adding flair to both the gritty and pretty. Not only that, but the album itself is tightly arranged; you’ll find yourself entranced from the get-go, unable to stop listening until the last note hits. And we haven’t even mentioned the remixes yet; Yunis, Moniker, DJ Pound, and several others hopped on board to re-imagine these already monstrous tracks.

This is music that can speak for itself, so we strongly suggest checking out the full stream of Autoraw after the jump. If you’re feeling the vibes, be sure to grab a copy of your own via Bandcamp.


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